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Watch Out For These Common Scams


QR Scams

If you scan the code, it takes you to a fake website requesting your personal information.

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Registered charitable organizations seeking additional funding.

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They are delivered via text message. If you click on the link your personal information could be stolen.

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How you can protect yourself


Online &
Email Safety

Do not share your login access codes for Online Services with any third party.

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Monitor your card transaction activity on your bank statements. For added protection, monitor frequently online.

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Avoid using machines at nights if the area is isolated.

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Your privacy is important

Your personal information and financial data are as important to us as they are to you. Learn more about your rights, our policies and the Jamaica Data Protection Act.

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Privacy & Security FAQS

Cybersecurity is all about protecting our systems and your data from unauthorized access or harm. It’s like having a team of trusted security guards watching over your home around the clock. With digital security, you can browse the web, shop online, and manage your finances with peace of mind. It’s the foundation of a secure and enjoyable digital experience.

Find out more about digital safety for yourself here and for your business here.

Scammers are constantly trying different ways to get your information and access your accounts, so commonly encountered scams can vary. Some of the currently trending threats include:

  1. Phishing
    These are designed to trick you into revealing personal data, such as your account login information or tax registration number. Phishing emails can often appear to be from a legitimate source, like your bank.
  2. Malware
    Malicious software that can steal your personal information or damage your computer. Malware can be installed on your computer through links or attachments in phishing emails, as well as infected websites or USB drives.
  3. Ransomware
    A type of malware used by hackers to encrypt your files and then demand a ransom payment to release them.
  4. QR code scams
    Posters are placed in ATMs or other locations to appear legitimate and trick you into scanning a QR code, which then takes you to a fake website requesting your personal information.

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Our Privacy & Security Centre is a one-stop shop for all your digital security needs. Here, you can learn about our security features, find tips on how to stay safe online and learn about our data privacy policies. The content is updated regularly to help you stay up-to-date and digitally safe.

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